Bernie Beston

Bernie Beston
Federation International de Philatelie (FIP)

The year 2022 is truly the Golden Era of Philately. And it all begins HERE, right in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, in Dubai.
In 2022 there will be eight International Exhibitions, commencing in this marvellous City!
Dubai, London, Budapest, Lugano, Toronto, Jakarta, Cape Town and Liberec.

January 2022 is in the middle of the Dubai World EXPO, when over 24 million visitors are expected to visit the Country. The has never been a more history making opportunity to showcase the philatelic gems of the World. Additionally, this is the very first World International Stamp Exhibition ever to be held in the Region. With the bonus of being able to visit the EXPO, there is no better time to visit a World Exhibition.
The UAE is no stranger to Philatelic Exhibitions, as it holds two National Exhibitions every year, each of which have become a magnet for Middle East and other stamp collectors. I can assure you that visiting the UAE is always a pleasure and trust you will have a pleasant stay.
Managing a huge Exhibition such as Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition is no easy feat and requires so much work and application, and co-operation from Exhibitors, the Post, Stamp Trade, Emirates Commercial Sponsors and all arms of Government.
I congratulate the Emirates Philatelic Association and the Organising Committee for their foresight in promoting and sponsoring this exceptional Event; and to do so in these difficult times!
I thank the many Commissioners who have sourced exhibits and are bringing them from all over the world, and the Jurors for their work in assessing them and awarding the appropriate Medals.
I am proud and honoured to be associated with this once in a lifetime International Stamp Show. I look forward to another successful Emirates, but so much larger, World Exhibition.


Abdulla Khoory
Emirates Philatelic Association

In harmony with Expo 2020 Dubai’s slogan, “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future”, which extends over 182 days of cooperation and innovation, the Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition aims to unite everyone involved in the stamp industry from collectors, prominent philatelists, postal administrations, and dealers from about thirty countries of all continents to see the best collections that tell the story of different cultures under one roof.

There is no doubt that the circumstances surrounding this Exhibition were a difficult challenge in the light of the pandemic that has engulfed the world, however organizing it with momentum and to this scale, is an embodiment of the directives of the nation’s wise leadership to return to normal life while adhering to all required preventive and precautionary measures.

I thank everyone who contributed to making this possible including the organizing committee, volunteers, jurors, and commissioners. We hope to see you in the United Arab Emirates.


Obaid M. Al Qatami
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Emirates Post Group

Welcome to the official website of the Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition. Emirates Post Group is proud to be organizing this first-of-its-kind philatelic event in the region in cooperation with the Emirates Philately Association.

At Emirates Post Group, we believe in the important role postage stamps serve, as ambassadors travelling across the world as tools of cultural communications that reach many countries and people. We are also investing in ways to bridge the gap between traditional postage stamps and the digital world to address the technology-savvy generation who prefers digitally accessible services, to introduce and engage them in the world of Philately.

Philately is more than just a hobby; it is an art form, a means to preserve history, a narrator of events, a celebration of a nation’s heritage, and a community that unites several million people across the globe.

The organizing team is sparing no effort, with the generous cooperation and support of government entities, sponsors, exhibitors, postal administrators, dealers, and volunteers, to host a successful philatelic event and ensure your visit to the UAE is a memorable one.

This website aims to keep you informed of the latest news and developments regarding the exhibition so please frequent these pages or follow the exhibition’s dedicated social media channels.

We look forward to welcoming you to the United Arab Emirates, to the Emirates 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, and to Expo 2020 Dubai.


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